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Dear Adoption, You Turned Trauma Into Entitlement

I am the product of your twisted world view. I am what you make. You take mothers and children and disassemble them. You rebuild damaged, twisted, tortured children, and reassemble gentle, loving young women into callous, cruel, self-centered, judgmental birthmothers.

Women who were once fit to be mothers, to be HUMAN, are now these self-righteous, overbearing trolls who actually have the audacity to be pissed off at their relinquished adult children. To blame us for being hurt. To think we are wrong to be angry at them. Because in the time between (the time they sign the TPR and the time we finally track them down [because, as "heartbroken" as they are, most of them don't take any steps to find us]), they've managed to convince themselves that they were victimized. They were coerced. Their babes were "taken unfairly" by CPS. No one can check those stories. No one can call them liars. And no one is allowed to judge a victim.

They all now have a perfect out…